Services and Products

Many of us are becoming more and more concerned with toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and the conventional use of chemicals not only in our food, water supply, and cleaning products but are also commonly used in our clothing, accessories and bedding.  The long-term ill effects on our health has yet to be fully determined, however public awareness of the dangers calls for a demand for organic fabrics.  The Organic Trade Association (OTA) has standards which are now in place for manufacturing of crops, livestock and handling of the textiles to "oversee mandatory certification of organic production."*  

If you thought (as I did) that organic meant having to wear drab, rough and scratchy clothing, let me dispel that myth.  Organic fabrics are available in a super-wide variety of tasteful prints and solids in both knits and wovens alike. I am delighted by their amazing gentleness, downy softness and beauty and I am confident that you, as the end user of these products, will be pleasantly surprised as well.


While my ultimate goal is to purchase all organic products for use with all my sewing designs the availability and/or affordability, and quality of organic products for the sewing and art industries has yet to be attainable. However, I am committed to researching and purchasing what I can to offer my customers sustainable, organic and eco-friendly products and services.


All machine sewn clothing is reinforced with serged seams.** Where needed, some apparel is double-needle top stitched, and made with flat-felled seams for extra strength and durability.




01 Thread Sketching and Painting

Thread Painting is a free hand/free form sewing technique. Unlike a conventional digitized embroidery design that relies on the control of a computerized embroidery machine to complete the work, thread painting relies on the skill of the artist to control the design.Thread painting is similar to a painting on a canvas, however the fabric becomes  the canvas and the embroidery threads are similar to the paints.


03 Casual Apparel for the family

Custom fitted shirts, pants, shorts, cardigans and dresses handmade for comfort and ease of movement.


02 Bags, Backpacks and Accessories

Thread painting, patchwork, and other decorative finishes are sewn together - each piece uniquely designed.


04 Specialty Items for Special Needs

For the many folks among us who suffer from environmental allergies, bedding and apparel made with organic fabric, weighted blankets, pillows, and softie toys.



05 Alterations, repairs, restorations or upcycled



*Pricing is as follows:


Hems: $16.00

Zipper replacement:  $25-35.00

Tears, patches: $14.00

Seams repair: $14.00

Elastic replacement: $20.00

All other alterations - pricing is based on an hourly basis


*Additional cost applies for formal attire plus a $25.00 fitting fee.


Contact me for items you would like to upcycle.  How about those old t-shirts? A T-shirt blanket is a wonderful keepsake. How about that special little dress that your little girl outgrew but you just can't part with it?  Upcycle it into a pillow or stuffed toy.  How about those clothes you are not ready to part with, but they no longer fit?  Let's see if we can re-create these pieces so that you can continue to wear them!


06 Home Decor

Kitchen items such as aprons, hot pads, tea towels, dish cloths, cloth napkins, table runners, placemats.  Decorative pillows, throws, curtains.


07 Quilts, blankets and bedding

Quilting is so engrained in my sewing experience.  As such, I've added small quilts, blankets and bedding to my repertoire. 


**No need for serged seams as quilts are pieced together with quilting threads.

You can have it made.