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01 Custom Apparel

High quality organic and Okeo-Tex fabrics such as linens, high quality cottons, hemp and hemp blends, wool and wool blends when coupled with a classic look, feel, and fit lend themselves to a long lasting garment. See with satisfaction replacing your low quality fast-fashion clothes hanging in your closet with a beautiful well-fitting wardrobe made to last you for many years to come!


02 Alterations, Repairs, Restorations or Upcycled



Alterations:  We do alterations on men's, women's and children's formal and informal wear from suits and gowns to hemming jeans and active wear.


Formal Wear - By appointment only 

Informal wear and repairs cost is as follows:

Hems: $18-24

Zipper replacement:  $30-40

Tears, patches: $16

Seams repair: $16

Elastic waist replacement -$22-30

All other alterations - pricing is based on an hourly basis


Contact me for items you would like to upcycle.  How about those old t-shirts? A T-shirt blanket is a wonderful keepsake. How about that special little dress that your little girl outgrew but you just can't part with it?  Upcycle it into a pillow or stuffed toy.  How about those clothes you are not ready to part with, but they no longer fit?  Let's see if we can re-create these pieces so that you can continue to wear them!


03 Home Decor

Kitchen items such as aprons, hot pads, tea towels, dish cloths, cloth napkins, table runners, placemats.  Decorative pillows, throws, curtains.


You can have it made.

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